LOOKAD create experience

Strong brands build deep relationships with consumers,
and the key to the relationships is to deliver exceptional experience.

By supporting brands in four areas, we make sure that contact with the brand is
experience for the consumer.




Welcome package


Moët Hennessy Business Partners


Mentoring at Home


Series of events in shopping centres

Original thanks, unusual experience

In order to thank a customer for purchasing a car and at the same time offer him or her a surprising experience, we have designed and created a box with a set of gadgets. Sounds trivial? Nothing more wrong.

Designer's gift and sound surprise

The box is a unique welcome pack equipped with a sound module, on which we have recorded personal greetings that switch on automatically when the lid is lifted up. When opening the box, the customer hears his or her own name and a few dedicated words.

The Welcome Pack contains a VIP card folder, a key ring and a unique gift – an owl-shaped mug designed especially for Mazda by leading Polish designers.

The design has been so positively received that we expanded it to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Needless to say, servicing these countries is much more time-consuming and complicated than in Poland.

Our tasks include concept development, design and production of packs, organization, logistics and distribution of materials.

Elite programme for sales representatives

The sale of premium alcohols requires a special tone of communication not only with the consumer, but also with business partners. For sales representatives cooperating with Moët Hennessy, we have created an elite incentive program, Moët Hennessy Business Partners.

We motivate to increase sales

Participants of the incentive program are rewarded for selling with attractive prizes, which stimulates the brand in Poland.

Our task was to develop a comprehensive program and its operation. We created the mechanics, name, logo, visual setting and communication. We were also responsible for the preparation of the system development project.

The aim of the program was to encourage sales representatives to become more involved in the sale of Moët Hennessy products. Effects? The program generated a turnover increase of 41 percent per year.

Johnnie Walker will also come to you

How to build awareness of a product that is considered elite and unavailable? An effective and original way to do this is…. to crash a home party.

Home mentoring program

The program of home mentoring, i.e. tasting combined with a story about the brand, was implemented in the years 2010-2016, educating from year to year a growing group of new recipients of Diageo noble spirits. 7 promotional teams consisting of the Ambassador and Supervisor visited guests at home, revealing the secrets of Johnnie Walker.

Our tasks: organization and management of the Whisky Academy program and design and production of brand image materials, creation of a promotional structure, expansion and management of Johnnie Walker's individual and business customer base (55,000 leads), organization and management of mentoring.

The results were exceptional. 5,000 home mentors and 48,000 participants, 45,000 home visit leads and 20,000 FB application leads.

Experience – a delicate issue

Experiencing some products is a very delicate issue, especially if it concerns the problem of sensitive gums. We had to bear this in mind when organizing a series of events during which consumers, taking part in the “cold water” test, learned the healing properties of Colgate toothpaste on their own teeth.

Cold water tests in shopping centres

The task for the participants was simple but not very pleasant. We invited volunteers to try out the properties of the Colgate Pro Relief toothpaste on their own…. gums. They had to apply the paste, drink some cold water and…. feel no reaction.

In this way, we convinced more than 2,000 people that the product really works and protects against the unpleasant feeling of cold.

Such events in galleries were not only a challenge in terms of organization, but of a project itself. We had to make sure that event stands were visually attractive and friendly at the same time. Thanks to that, the event participants could take part in the experiment without any stress.

Our tasks included e.g. the creation of KV, design and construction of event stands, comprehensive event management.

We conducted 2,100 “cold water” tests, and the stands were visited by over 23,000 people.


Events and conferences

Lektor Klett

“Akademia Inteligentnego Malucha” (“Smart Kid Academy”)


Euro 2016 fanzones


World Class Collection Reserve

We promote P

Organizing an event promoting smartphones among people who are telecommunication specialists is not an easy challenge. The better for us! We do not like easy challenges.

We promote P

Events promoting the new Huawei P series addressed to T-Mobile and Orange employees were organized in the halls of their headquarters, and communication was placed on the ways that they walk to get to their job positions every day. We wanted to make their morning at work more pleasant by inviting them to take part in activities and win prizes.

The hostess served freshly squeezed juice and a cupcake for each participant. Volunteers could measure their reflex using a special reflexometer, and the winner received a new Huawei P20. The event was based on the colour theme of the new P series, starting with gadgets, through cupcakes, ending with hostesses’ skirts. In each location, the event attracted almost 300 people.

“I'm setting out into the world. Show me the way”

With such a catchy message, we encouraged parents who particularly care about their children's development, to get to know the Smart Kid Academy publishing series.

How to create a new brand concept

Our task was to develop a comprehensive communication concept for a publishing series – from inventing a name, logotype, brand hero, through an introductory campaign, non-standard customer reaching channels (such as nursery schools), to in-store projects (e.g. stands, displays).

We demonstrated our knowledge on target groups, but also on the child's development. We took into account the expectations of parents and the needs of their children. And, of course, we created a magical world of a “smart kid".

As part of the Smart Kid Academy, the publishing house introduced a number of book series: IQ + CQ + EQ, Odkrywam świat (I discover the world) and Elementarz Inteligentnego Malucha (Smart Kid Primer).

Top level soccer emotions

Warsaw, Toruń, Katowice. Exclusive venues, great participants, great emotions and what is close to the hearts of many Poles: soccer…. Thanks to us, the guests of Orange and Huawei could experience the great emotions accompanying the game of the Polish National Team during Euro 2016.

Events for key customers

Euro games are an ideal opportunity to provide key customers with unforgettable emotions. On behalf of Orange and Huawei, we invited them to the Euro 2016 fan zones, where they could watch live group matches of the Polish National Team and the Championship Final.

In total, we conducted 12 events in Warsaw, Toruń and Katowice. We sent 800 invitations, hosted 615 people, provided 630 scarves and 150 balls. In each city, the event was supervised by a group of several people, and it was coordinated by a special team at the headquarters.

We took care of every detail and made the guests experience exceptional soccer emotions. Participants played the role of fans; they predicted the results of matches using the latest Huawei model. We prepared a number of apps: registration service, Euro 2016 Typer, Euro 2016 Quiz, and during the campaign we printed commemorative photos for the participants.

Program for the most demanding ones

The challenge posed to us by Diageo was to carry out activities supporting the sale of its products among the most demanding business customers. To meet the challenge, we focused on a proven solution, but in a… premium version.

Range of activities focused on effect

World Class Collection Reserve was the second part of the B2B program for Diageo. For the needs of the company, we prepared a dedicated B2B mobile platform, being a closed club for the participants of WCC mentoring meetings, and special invitations with a key allowed them to register in the system. We also developed a new version of our commercial offer and dedicated newsletters with an order form. Product communication was complemented by the Diageo Trinity application, which we presented during all mentoring meetings.

Our task was to organize and manage the program – both from the marketing and sales perspective, thanks to which we were able to achieve the assumed targets focused on the acquisition of leads.


“Gotowi na wiosnę” (“Ready for Spring”) visualization program


“Pons teaches by pictures” campaign


More&More loyalty program


Publishing campaigns and projects

Spring awakening

When the world was awakening to life in spring, we decided to wake up garden centre retailers and owners all over Poland. We prepared a visualization program that helped to supplement shop shelves with Fiskars products.

Ready for spring, ready for awards

Our task was to encourage the owners of garden centres all over Poland to buy and display Fiskars products. We developed a visualization program with attractive prizes.

The participants of the program, using a special platform, sent photos of the Fiskars products displays which they arranged in their stores. The best photos were rewarded with attractive prizes: Sodexo vouchers, consumer electronics and household appliances, and of course…. Fiskars products!

We created the concept, mechanics and communication. We also took care of the complex program management. The 2017 edition of “Ready for Spring" was very successful, which is why a year later we prepared another edition of the program.

Faster method for foreign language learning

It is never too late to learn new things. Now, when travelling has become a lifestyle, more and more adults feel the need to learn a foreign language. Our task was to encourage them to reach for a proven and friendly method…. the picture method.

We focus on pictures

Encouraging learning, that is the challenge! That is why we had to approach the task in a non-standard way and with tongue in cheek. We also took into account the specific nature of the channel through which the campaign was supposed to reach its audience.

The graphic motif used by us referred to pictorial teaching aids, and we developed the slogans on the basis of a game of words concerning the acquisition of knowledge. In this way, a spectacled woodpecker suggested learning by watching instead of swotting, and the clock showed that it was better to learn using many pictures than for many hours.

Graphic form of pictures and funny slogans turned out to be great success! The online campaign was very well received, which is why it was continued in Empik stores, for which we designed a series of POS materials.

“More” means “more”

Building loyalty is a long and tedious job. That is why Mazda, to increase the number of loyal customers, uses a wide range of tools. The More&More loyalty program offers more benefits to a larger group of participants.

Comprehensive approach

Buying a car, submitting an application, transfer of the application, verification at several levels, acceptance and finally sending prizes….

With the More&More program, Mazda’s customers can receive attractive prizes and benefits. However, before they reach the lucky recipient, a complex process takes place, which involves the exchange of information between dealers from all over Poland, the Mazda headquarters, the agency and customers.

We have all the procedures at our fingertips, and we carry them out just inch-perfect. That is why Mazda entrusted us with carrying out the program.

As part of the Mazda More&More program, we support 3 projects: “Product for PLN 1", “Become a Mazda Ambassador", “VIP Card."

Holidays with German language

Why is it worth learning German? Because Germany is a country where you can find a good job. But German-speaking countries are also attractive in tourism terms. And this insightful (for many people) conclusion became the basis of the image concept of the “Komplett" series of textbooks for secondary schools.

Not only completely. More than competently.

The motto of the “Komplett” campaign was “Komplett. Completely. Competently,” and it referred to the comprehensive content of the textbooks. However, while creating the graphic concept of the series, we referred not to work, but to pleasure. After all, teenagers are more interested in going on holiday than in their professional career.

We wondered what the symbol of such trips could be. We chose a few places typical for Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and everything was connected by the motif of worn out sneakers.

Our task was to develop a visual concept of the series, a set of covers for different advancement levels, a key visual and all the materials as part of the campaign promoting “Komplett” among teachers.

As far as we know, the teachers were delighted. And so were students.


Trybunał & Cornelius Champions Club


Benefits for the start


Mazda Motor Show


Tailor made competitions

Everyone is a winner

Boosting sales of the Trybunał and Cornelius brands is the main objective of the Trybunał & Cornelius Champions Club programme. We have placed a cup in its logotype, because in this program everyone who achieves the targets becomes the winner.

We are expanding the circle of representatives involved

Trybunał & Cornelius Champions Club is an incentive program addressed to wholesalers’ sales representatives. We have reached potential participants operating in the segment that is of interest to SULIMAR with this program.

So far, we have registered 108 participants from 12 wholesalers, whom we reward for selling selected products. During the year, the program generated an increase in turnover of 82%, which translates into a corresponding increase in the funds paid out.

We solve wholesalers’ problems

It is not easy to develop a new store, even if you have the support of an experienced business partner. The heads of new electrical wholesale companies operating within the Kaczmarek Electric chain have found this out. Therefore, we created a program that effectively supported them in this task.

We award recommendations

Kaczmarek Electric was looking for a way to “develop" new wholesale companies and attract as many installers as possible. The problem was, among other things, the low awareness of the emerging entity’s existence in a given location and, as a result, small number of customers.

Our solution was a recommendation program which encouraged the existing customers to recommend wholesalers, and motivated the new ones to visit the place. “Benefits for the start" is a program offering a package of benefits for different groups of customers of newly opened wholesale companies.

Its unquestionable advantages include a non-standard welcome package, which was received by key customers of wholesale companies, and a well thought-out system of rewards for recommendations.

We create the world of inspiration

“Breaking the convention. Follow your own path. Those two phrases, which accompany the Mazda brand, inspired us to prepare something unusual. 400 m2 of artistic feast performed by famous comic book artist Łukasz Samsonowicz ZIMZA (ZIMZONOWICZ) during the Poznań Motor Show.

If you want to go your own way, you need to have a vision that breaks conventions

Our task was to design a fair stand that would reflect the spirit of Mazda. We invited graphic artist Łukasz Samsonowicz Zimza to participate in the project. Inspired by the MX-5 model, he created a series of illustrations reflecting the world of Mazda and at the same time creating an autonomous reality of a comic book story. The illustrations became a key element of the stand’s design, and the artist himself took part in the performance during the fair.

The stand prepared by us showed how Mazda inspires us to create, act and transcend the boundaries of imagination. The symbol of this process was the graphics descending from the Mazda MX-5, being the flagship model of the brand, presented on a platform, to the elements of the stand construction.

How to reach little consumers?

Communicating the benefits of products to the youngest ones is an extremely delicate issue, even if the products are appreciated by consumers. When promoting Nestlé and Gerber porridges, milk and lunches, we have focused on the emotions of… children and, above all, parents.

Different ideas, one way

For Nestlé and Gerber brands, we conducted several tailor-made competitions. We promoted different products and offered various prizes. But we always had to answer the question: “How do get to the hearts of mums? That is why the key element of the message was the child and its hidden needs, which, of course, mums help to meet.

In the “Win a child’s room of your dreams” campaign, parents could win an IKEA voucher worth PLN 10,000 to arrange a cosy place to relax and play for their children. In the “Stock up with baby food for Christmas” campaign, rushing to the rescue of worried parents, we encouraged them to stock up with their favourite porridges, at the same time offering then a guaranteed prize in the form of a bib for their baby. And in the “I have an appetite for an expedition” campaign we encouraged joint trips of parents and children, offering a special baby kit bag, very useful for young mums, which could hold all useful things.

In each case, the campaign ended with success as great as the appetite of our little consumers.


X Sales System program


“We change packaging out of respect for tradition” campaign.


Introducing a new product to the market


Tailor made competitions

We focus on the results

How to motivate the employees of a popular nationwide chain of stores to sell selected customer’s products? Money gratuities for the sale of specific product models turn out to be an effective way of doing so.

Success lies in simplicity

Fujifilm asked us for an incentive and loyalty program aimed exclusively at the employees of AB Foto chain stores, in which the sale of selected product models would be rewarded.

We had already had experience in taking on similar challenges. Thus, at the beginning of June 2018, we launched an incentive programme for AB Foto employees. The sale of certain Fujifilm products is rewarded with points that are exchanged for cash prizes, and participants can use them by means of dedicated prepaid cards.

The success of this programme was determined by the very precise definition of the target group and products to be promoted, as well as by its simple mechanics and tools.

New start

Can a brand with limited share and low recognition be successful on the market? Yes, of course – if it returns to its deep values, changes its appearance and communication. And so it happened in the case of pasta by Polmak.

The power of tradition in its new version

In the rebranding activities of the Tradycyjne z Ludwina pasta, changing the logotype and packaging was only half the way to success on the market. An important element turned out to be the campaign communicating the change of the image among consumers and employees of retail stores.
The new packaging delivered a number of communication values. It emphasized the traditional character of production and the premium value of the product, ensuring its better visibility on the shelf. These values had to reach the target groups. As specialists in communication using modern and traditional channels, we developed B2B packages in which we informed about the change and encouraged to promote Polmak products. We also created an ATL campaign aimed at consumers – radio and outdoor commercial spots.

The result of our activities was a 30% increase in the sales of Polmak products.

New proposal on the market

Launching a new product on the market is always a huge challenge. In this case, we had to face up to the launch campaign of Perlux and Sidolux. We applied solutions increasing the availability of the new product and involving potential consumers.

Combining sales and... research

In order to convince consumers to try out a new Lakma product, we prepared research and sales stands, which we located in 61 shopping centres, and we employed promoters and interviewers. As a result, we increased the availability of products and at the same time we drew the attention of potential consumers to their advantages.

One of the main pillars of the programme’s success was a multifunctional exhibition system. Our specialists dealing with spatial design created an exhibition system in accordance with the principles of shopping experience, which was characterized by elegant design, very logical use of available space and easy adaptation of stands to various retail spaces.

We also coordinated and accounted for the entire program, which contributed to the increase in sales of Perlux products.

It is worth supporting the best

The Hasbro brand is well recognizable both among children and their parents. However, it is sometimes worth supporting selected products in order to achieve even better sales results.

We encourage you to have fun

For Hasbro brand, we conducted a number of competitions that encouraged everyone to have fun and promoted the sale of selected sets of games or toys. We prepared not only attractive prizes, but also engaging tasks, which were consistent with the nature of the promoted product.

For example, in the Nerf competition, the participants had to demonstrate reflexes, speed and precision, just like when playing with Nerf blasters. The task was to send text messages at the time closest to a specific full hour. The winner was the participant who “hit” the best time.

Our task was to provide comprehensive support for the campaign: developing mechanisms, creating and organizing the competition. Among other things, we prepared a system for handling SMS traffic and a dedicated website handling in real time the results of the competition and interactive communication online (advertising banners).



Konkurs promocyjny – aspekty prawne

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W poprzednim wpisie omówiliśmy szczegółowo wszystkie aspekty prawne i księgowe związane z organizacją loterii promocyjnych. Ogrom wytycznych, obowiązków i – nie ukrywajmy…


Loteria promocyjna – aspekty prawne

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Lato w pełni, a to oznacza – wakacyjne konkursy i loterie konsumenckie! Marki często organizują akcje promocyjne, aby zwiększyć sprzedaż danego produktu.…


Real Time Marketing – zaczepiaj inteligentnie

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Czasy smartfonów oraz tabletów z internetem i (przede wszystkim) mediami społecznościowymi zrobiły z nas rozpuszczonych do granic możliwości konsumentów. Nauczyliśmy się, że…



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