Field & Events

Customers love positive experience associated with the brand. Events and field activities provide many impressions and incredible memories, at the same time building positive relationship between the consumer and the brand.

By creating unforgettable experience in contact with the brand, we start by proposing a scenario. We decide what will be the best for the event guests: consumers, business partners or employees. We analyse what will be most memorable for them. When it comes to the realization of an event, we transform from creative artists into cold perfectionists.

Organizing winter driving academy, skiing attractions, integration events or elegant conferences? No problem! We also love colourful and beautiful events promoting specific products. We take care of every detail while not forgetting about training and perfect costumes for hostesses and promoters.

Scope of our activities:
concepts, event scenarios and realizations, business events, promotional events, employee integration, conferences, company events, hostesses, product promoters, fair stand design, participants’ activation.